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Yo’ yo’- Check it. We made another silly music video! This is our third and final release from our debut album “Let’s Fall in Love.” We are currently working on a new album (!!!!!) and incorporating new toys and techniques into our live set that we are sooooo JAZZED about. Until then, enjoy our latest single “Glass” and please share the video that we put our sweat, swag, and every bit of our little 8 bit hearts into!!! xoxoxo


Over the last 3 months we have been filming our new music video for our song ♥ Wild Hearts ♥ at Cedar Point, the Columbus Zoo, and Sharon Woods. The entire video was shot on our iPhones. We had a magical time making it and we hope you enjoy it!


Owww, Owwwww!!!!!!!! The full moon has graced us with her presence. What a beaut.  

So here we are… Lets celebrate with a drink and a dance. The witches would call this a seance.


Bobbi and Z