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Tu Sais Je T'aime Bien

Good afternoon lovelies!

Z and I are stupidly excited about our upcoming album that we just couldn’t wait to share a new song with you! The title is in french my lil’ chatons! Savourer!


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Can't Take My Eyes Off Of You (Single)

Happy Valentines Day!!! Here’s a little cover we did of Frankie Valli and The Four Seasons’ song “Can’t Take My Eyes Off Of You.” Ever since I met Z Wolf, I would find myself singing it to him during our morning coffee sessions, or in the middle of aisles while grocery shopping. This song is dedicated to my partner in crime, and to all of the lovers and dreamers. xoxo -Bobbi Kitten

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Listen to You’re My Wolf by Damn the Witch Siren.

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Let's Fall in Love

Damn the Witch Siren


Damn the Witch Siren- Let’s Fall in Love

Damn the Witch Siren

Once upon a time on a cold winter’s evening, Z Wolf locked eyes with a raving beauty with fiery red hair named Bobbi Kitten. They immediately felt neon sparks of love.  Since that night, the two have been inseparable, spending their time stirring a potion of electronic music in a black cauldron. Their brew is made from one part colorful candy, two parts glitter, a sprinkle of 80’s, and a dash of goth.  Take a sip with the title track of their debut album, Let’s Fall In Love. Your legs will twitch, and you’ll feel an uncontrollable urge to start moving your body. Thirsty for more? Head over to their Bandcamp page and down the whole intoxicating batch.

You can also follow these power pop babes on Tumblr.

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♥ Wild Hearts ♥

Damn the Witch Siren

Hey everyone! Here’s the second single off our album “Let’s Fall in Love”. We’re going to release the album VERY soon but we couldn’t wait to share this song with you. We hope it makes you feel warm and fuzzy inside.

♥ Love ♥

Z and Bobbi 


Dear friends! We are thrilled to announce our debut single! It is free to download from our Bandcamp page, and if you download it rather than just streaming it, you get a free bonus track from our forthcoming full-length album “Let’s Fall in Love”!!!

"Imagination" is also now available on iTunes & will be on Spotify, Pandora, and every major digital retailer within the next few weeks. xoxo