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Pearls and Lace

Ladies and gentlemen, we are thrilled to announce that our new EP, “Superdelicious”, will be released on May 30th!!! We’ve been working on this album for almost a year and it’s probably safe to say we’ve never been this excited about anything we’ve ever made before. More details forthcoming! In the meantime, here’s the first track!!!

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sexy gorgeous seductive…..


sexy gorgeous seductive…..

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Yoshitoshi Kanemaki

Unusual Sculptures of People and Skeletons Chiseled from Wood by Yoshitoshi Kanemaki

Japanese sculptor Yoshitoshi Kanemaki chisels these life-sized figurative sculptures out of giant pieces of camphor wood, a kind of evergreen. The strange pieces frequently involve two or more characters merged into a single form, which could been interpreted as commentary on mortality, or multiple personalities/perspectives.



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Joan Crawford in Possessed (1931)

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